Marble Slab: Ottawa

Marble Slab: Ottawa
Nothing says "luxury” like marble slab countertops and floors. Marble is the ultimate in natural stone and it adds great value – both aesthetic and monetary – to your home.
Marble has a rich history of uses, going back two millennia. The Parthenon of Ancient Greece employed marble and the Taj Mahal in Agra, India features marble floors. Sculptors in ancient times used marble for carving, while sculptors of the Renaissance also produced many marble masterpieces. Even Canada's Parliament Buildings boast marble floors, as do many of the world's finest governmental or public buildings.
Marble is quarried in all parts of the world. The stone is formed when limestone softens from heat and pressure and re-crystallizes. Mineral changes occur and marble is the result. The main components of the new stone are calcium and dolomite. Because it contains so much calcium, marble is softer than stones such as granite. Some types of marble are more porous than others.
The word "marble” comes from the Greek word "marmaros,” meaning "shining stone.” This reflects the creamy or snowy texture of the stone, which is luminous in many lights. Varieties range in colour from pure white to ebony black, with shades in between including red, pink, yellow, green and beige. The colouring of marble is caused by the presence of other minerals and impurities.
Marble In the Home
In the home, marble has many applications. Marble floors create elegance in any room. Marble countertops in bathrooms and kitchens are also classic uses for the stone and marble tiles can create beautiful wall décor.
There are several advantages to using marble in your home. These include:
  • Beauty. A well-kept marble floor can be breathtakingly beautiful. The natural stone colouring and texture create a feeling of calm and warmth, and all the other elements of the room seem to exist within its embrace. A white marble kitchen countertop is classic. For many years, North American buyers avoided using marble in the kitchen for fear that it would easily stain. In reality, choosing marble with a low absorption factor and sealing it properly before use can greatly reduce the possibility of stains. Some foods containing acid can stain the stone, but if they are wiped up quickly, there will not be a problem. Bathroom countertops can lend glamour and colour to the room. They are easily cleaned with mild soap, water and a soft cloth.
  • Value. The value added to your home by the installation of marble elements is immeasurable. Aside from the monetary and aesthetic value, the aura of luxury that marble creates will have you seeing your home in a whole new light.
  • Durability. Stone floors are, of course, the most durable. Marble floors are estimated to last up to five times longer than floors made of other materials. Counters, too, are durable and strong. With proper care, your marble will remain as beautiful as it is today for many decades.
Adding natural stone elements to your home can transform the way it looks and feels. Visit a stone showroom today and talk to a supplier!